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Break out the Santa hats and grab a glass of milk. We’re trying healthier sugar cookies! πŸŽ…πŸ₯›View the full video and recipe in the link in our bio. #bcbskslife #bcbsks #christmascookies
"My shelf is my favorite part of my office. As I enter my office everyday, I'm reminded of the things I value most in my life. My family, memories of great vacations, my favorite sport teams and the many opportunities afforded to me because of my employment with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. My shelf is a great reflection of my 19 years with the company." - Janice Gilmer-Gentry, BCBSKS manager of market research and marketing database #shelfie #bcbskslife #bcbsks
"My favorite shelf is the one just inside my windows. It holds an ever-expanding set of pictures of my five kids. For me, it all begins and ends with family. I keep those pictures there to always remind me why I do what I do." - Matt All, BCBSKS executive vice president and general counsel #shelfie #bcbskslife #bcbsks
πŸ“£ READY? OKAY! πŸ‘ As part of our 75th anniversary, we've had fun looking through photos of our employees throughout the years. Check out this 1988 feature on BCBSKS document processing supervisor Bobbi Francis. We featured her involvement as a member of the Topeka Sizzlers Spirit Squad in one of our internal publications.
Almost 30 years later, Bobbi still has spirit. She makes custom cheer uniforms for young girls that aren't old enough to cheer. "I enjoy making the uniforms and seeing the girls cheer at the games I attend. The smiles and hugs are so worth the time it takes to make one," she said. #bcbsks75 #bcbskslife #bcbsks
It just isn't Thanksgiving without the green bean casserole. But is it possible to enjoy a healthier version by switching out a few ingredients? 😯 We made one and asked employees if they could taste a difference. Visit for the full video. #bcbskslife #bcbsks #thanksgiving
BCBSKS understands there are challenges veterans face when re-entering the workforce. It's why we're proud to support the Military Relations Council of the Topeka Chamber of Commerce.
It was established in 2016 to raise the level of interaction, mutual awareness, support and appreciation between the military & civilian business communities of Topeka. BCBSKS community relations specialist Jenalea Randall leads our company's efforts with the Council. In her role, she brings the business and military worlds together to find opportunities to create greater awareness for all sides. She also has a very personal reason for serving.
"Being on the Council means a great deal to me. I appreciate being able to serve on it for Blue Cross, but I also serve on it equally in memory of my husband, Lt. Col. Tony Randall. Tony passed away in 2014 from cancer and being a part of the Council helps me keep Tony's commitment alive. He served proudly. He loved his city, state and country. As a full-time National Guardsman, he had foreign and domestic missions he worked to accomplish. Through my service on the Council, I feel like he would be proud that I am working to help fellow northeast Kansans. Not only veterans and those still serving, but also civilians by being part of the conversation that shows how the business and military communities impact and support one another," she said. #bcbskslife #bcbsksgives #bcbsks #topcity
Happy Halloween from BOO Cross! We hope you have a fun and safe night! πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ« #bcbskslife #bcbsks
BCBSKS knows how to #LiveUnited! As part of our annual campaign, employees across the state have spent the last two weeks learning how they can impact their communities by donating to the United Way. During our campaign meetings, we also completed service projects by sacking lunches for @harvesters and putting together hygiene kits that will be distributed through @salinaareaunitedway. Thank you to all employees who have participated and donated! πŸ’™ #bcbskslife #bcbsksgives #bcbsks
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