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Geweldige functie maar zeer moeilijk to combineren met het gezinsleven. Het account management gedeelt evan de functie is fantastisch, maar het business development gedeelte is niet aan mij besteed.
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You're just part of the bottom line

I used to work for this company before covid.Let's be clear here. This is a logistics company whose business is about getting products to customers. Similar to other companies like Amazon, it means you are less important than the package you are carrying. If you work in one of the DHL offices and not the warehouse its even worse and the pressure is very high. The cumulative result, you are expendable.


Many of your team mates are great.


Expendable viewpoint on staff.
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Work was great,only thing is if you get sick don’t expect permanent contract. We also had coffee and sandwiches sometimes provided by HR. Good payed


Good money


Heavy lifting
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Officiële reactie van DHL

15 december 2022
Hello,You make us glow with pride. We received your remarkable 5-star rating. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed working at DHL. Reading your review gives us confirmation that we are doing our job of taking care of our employees and appreciating them very well. Thank you very much. You were part of this foundation which keeps our company standing not only in good times but also in challenging times.We hope your experience with DHL can be repeated for many other future colleagues so they can feel motivated and happy to be part of our global family!Best wishes to Brussels!Your DHL Team

Un peu difficile

C’est un peu difficile les premières jours mais après l’intégration ça marche


La sécurité et l’ambiante


Un peu trop physique
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Officiële reactie van DHL

10 mei 2022
Hello,You make us smile: Your rating of 4 stars is a compliment to us. We need people like you. You make it possible. Keep the business running and keep your good mood.We wish you the best in your time with us and that you can take advantage of the opportunities that you have seen already.Take care and stay safe. Your DHL Team

As one?! If you're one of the happy few..

If you stand there every day shouting that you are the best, eventually people will start to believe it. Give people bread and butter and they are happy. On rewards and incentives no complaining. Unfortunately, that's a curtain call. The discrepancy between the vision of headquarters and the operation at BruHub is unimaginable. Not even talking about the different treatment of a "CIM" and a "CIS" employer. If the packages are out on time, everything is fine. The fact that employees are leaving almost as fast is just a footnote. But don't panic, we'll turn it around, DHL-style: "We provide jobs, look how many new employees we keep hiring." ....




Local management
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Opinion sur la société

DHL est une société dynamique et une des compagnies les plus internationales au monde. Opinion très positive.




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environement agréble avec les colégues et travail régulier


bonne ambiance


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Heel leuke werkomgeving, helaas heerst er een vriendjespolitieke sfeer.
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Not productiv at all/ a mean personaly

I had a good experience but the work was a bit To heavy and that a night shift in a warehouse, I get injured on my back that why i stop to work on this companie, due To this injury i looking more for a office job Even if is they long hours To do


Heavy work
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Confortable working environment

I had the chance to work among senior managers in the headquarters, which gave me the opportunity to have lots of responsiblity and thus a daily learning experience;
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préparation de commande pharmaceutique, bonne ambiance avec les collègues
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Empresa multinacional solvente y bien gestionada.

Empresa Logística Alemana que se orienta mucho a la gestión financiera de sus recursos y que ha sabido capear muy bien el temporal de la crisis desde 2008. Presencia mundial y número uno en varios sectores logísticos (Express, Forwarding, Supply Chain)
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société en pleine évolution

Des avis tres favorable concèrnant votre société et tres aimable j'aimerai l'intègrer merçi pour votre compréhention.
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