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Not worth it
Senior Software Engineer (huidige medewerker) –  Bruxelles Ixelles20 februari 2019
If you are looking for a short tenure, like 1 -2 years, just to get
acquainted with the Depthsensing technology and get some experience then it might be a good place, but otherwise it is not worth it to invest more time in it. If you're looking to build a career there, then you are looking at the wrong place!

It's a subsidiary of Sony so from the financial point of view is really stable. The technology is very interesting and in the next 2 - 5 years it will really take off as all the Chinese phone manufacturers will want to follow Apple and put a depth sensor inside their phones. There is a lot of travel to Asia - China, Korea, Japan - if that is your

Unfortunately the management- both middle and senior - is truly, truly lacking. They are people with a very skewed moral compass that act medieval and have no vision. In case of disagreement they will resort to intimidation games and even borderline harassment.
The management is more preoccupied with political games and internal strife so most projects will have no focus and there is a great emphasis on short-term gains rather than long-term stability and investment.
There are a couple of factions at the level of the management that fight every 2 years or so in order to promote themselves for better positions or get a better slice of the cake in case of reorganizations.
They(the management) will not provide you with honest feedback and if you will dare to challenge them - at conceptual level I mean - you are in for a rocky ride. They will objectify you and really treat you as a piece of furniture!

The engineers for the most part are brilliant people. Unfortunately as an engineer, there is no real path of advancement, as the management has not put in place any compelling policy for career development. There is a formal process for performance appraisals, but it changes the evaluation scale and direction every year or so and one does not really know on what to focus on the long term. There is no real feedback during the process and any feedback one might give for the management is discarded and mostly never discussed. There are many people that are waiting for their merits to be recognized, so the "promotion queue" is very long. It's also better if you are on the hardware side of things(chip design, system
engineering) as management is really biased that way and it will promote mostly people from that area. As a software engineer you will be "just another coder", and like you there are many that wait in line to take your place - one feels really expendable. There is no real fostering for career development.

In terms of benefits is really good (corporate level) and there is flexibility in the work schedule and the possibility of working from home that are really to be appreciated.
In terms of pay and salary raises though, it's really really bad - so negotiate your best deal in the beginning because you won't see a raise for years - unless you lick some boots and become loyal to some management faction.
benefits, remote-working, technology, knowledgeable engineers
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